Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Things + Twitter

Hi! Remember me? Hope you're having a great summer with lots of cool n' refreshing beverages, BBQs and late afternoons at the beach.

We have a bunch of new-ish things in the shop! Perfect for those late afternoon get-togethers, our Happy Hour Kit has everything you need to dress up your favorite drink or learn how to make a new one! And for you crafty types, Cute Stuff is chock full of extremely cute stuff to make.

For the kids, we have Mary Blair's classic, I Can Fly. Mary Blair was an amazing illustrator and animator for Disney that created far too few books. This one is my favorite (and my kids like it too). Our Kid's Origami Kit is perfect for all origami fans! The instructions are in Japanese, but it comes with very detailed illustrations for how to make the origami on the cover.

Hey, and we're also giving this Twitter a try. Visit us at