Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Shipping

Need it there by Christmas*? Here's our handy shipping schedule:
  • For domestic orders (except Rodys), order by noon PST on Wed, Dec 19.

  • For Rodys going to US addresses, order by noon PST on Thurs, Dec 13.

  • For overseas orders being shipped by USPS International Priority Mail, payments must be received by noon PST Mon, Dec 10.

*Our schedule is based on the US Post Office's mailing guidelines and aren't guarantees. Order early!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Light Festival 2007!


Even though it's an annual event that's been held for a dozen years now, this was the first time that we've checked out the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's Light Festival. And we're glad we did. The light festival consists of about a mile or so worth of colored Christmas light displays lining Crystal Springs Drive in Griffith Park. The DWP's take on the traditional Christmas light display is hilariously corny and kitschy, overall making for one of those "only in LA" type experiences that we love.

From what I've heard, this year is the first time there have been walk-only nights - usually cars and pedestrians share the display. We're especially glad that we were able to make it to one of the walk-only nights - I doubt we would've gone otherwise.

Here are some DWP Light Festival related links:

The Department of Water and Power's Light Festival site
A great Flickr set from 2006
Another good set from 2006
And another nice set from 2006
plus, a dude's pics from December 2005

Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Product: Magic Garden

It's a new product for us, but of course there's nothing "new" about the Magic Garden. This is a much beloved, classic science experiment kit that has been delighting children and adults alike for decades. Build the landscape and kick back and watch the crystals grow within hours. Very entertaining. (Honestly, the packaging alone makes me dizzy with joy, but I'm like that about old packaging.)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

This is "Sisters and Brothers" from Free To Be... You And Me - an awesome early 70s kid's album starring Marlo Thomas, plus others like Alan Alda, Harry Belafonte, and Mel Brooks.

Okay, so sure we can all have a chuckle over the various seventies-isms going on here, but there's something so positive and uplifting about this song - we sure could use more of this vibe nowadays.

Hey, give me a break, I was raised by hippies what can I say?

Ain't we lucky, everybody
Bein' everybody's brother
Ain't we lucky, everybody
Lookin' out for one another!

As always, from the ALL-POP family to yours: Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

New Product: Rubber Horse Shoes

Oh yeah! Hours of fun - indoors or out - await with this super fun Rubber Horse Shoes set. It's an American classic that the whole family can enjoy. Good for summer barbecues or rainy winter weekends.

And remember: keep the wagering friendly, please!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Product: Wild West Play Set

Howdy pardner! It's time to saddle up and head on over to our "All-New" Wild West Play Set. You and your young 'uns will delight in constructing a genuine log cabin, or whatever else your heart desires. Comes with a bunch of brawling cowboys and indians too. And their horses. This charming slice of Americana makes a great gift for young and old alike.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Product: Cute Retro Cow Puzzle

Parents of pre-school age children know that not only do kids benefit developmentally from puzzles, they really love them too! The super cute vintage image of a little cow makes kids want to play with this retro cow puzzle, plus it looks great when it's sitting on the shelf in between playtimes. Makes a great gift too!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Product: Lucha Libre Onesie

Here's another baby onesie we've added to our Kid's section. This one sports a funny and fierce image from the classic era of lucha libre Mexican wrestling. It's El Santo vs Vampiro - with this inspiration you and your little one will be ready for wrestle time or for cozying in this thick, soft cotton garment.

Needless to say, this could be a perfect gift for all sorts of occasions. Available in two sizes: 3-6 mos and 6-12 mos.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Product: Virgin of Guadalupe Onesie

We've added a bunch of fun, new products to the kid's section, like this wonderful Virgin of Guadalupe baby onesie. Yep, I like it too. It's got the right combination of being cool √ľnd hip, without being too obnoxious about it (thus defeating the coolness and hipness, of course).

Anyway, this onesie will make a great baby shower gift or Xmas gift for that happening bambino in your life. Comes in two sizes: 3-6 mos and 6-12 mos.

And oh yeah, check out the kid's section to see our other new additions. Fun stuff!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day of the Dead 2007

(I think this altar won first place...)

2007's Dia de los Muertos - the Day of the Dead - has come and gone. Here in Los Angeles, one of our family's favorite Day of the Dead celebrations is the one held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, located behind the Paramount Pictures back lot. This year, it was held a week ago last Sunday, under appropriately moody, gray, lightly drizzling clouds.

It's a genuinely homegrown event that's grown over the years into a major Halloween-time destination. Lots of dancing, music and food, but our favorite attraction by far are the beautiful altars. Most are in the traditional Mexican style, loaded with bright colors - especially orange marigolds - and with that hyper-baroque level of elements and detail that we so love about Mexican visual culture.

We didn't take a lot of pics at this year's event, but hey, this is L.A. - there seemed to be two cameras for every person in attendance. There are plenty of photos online documenting this great event - here's a small selection of links to Day of the Dead related sites:

The event's site:
Day of the Dead at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Some great Flickr links:
Day of the Dead group
Hollywood Forever Cemetery group
Wildbell's set
Chuck T's set

A photographer's beautiful site devoted to the holiday: Dia de los

And Wikipedia, of course: Day of the Dead

Here's some more of our pics from the event:






A big heartfelt thank you goes out to those who built the altars as well as to those who put on the event - we love Day of the Dead at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Here's to many more years of wonderful celebrations!