Friday, April 27, 2007

Collins Kids

I wouldn't claim to be an expert on this era of Americana - count me as more of a fan - but the Collins Kids strike me as pretty damn out there for the time. First of all, Lorrie Collins is like 15 or something, playing guitar and belting out the tunes at the same time like it's no big deal. Lorrie Collins, wherever you are - you rule!

And then there's Larry... there's something a little unsettling to me about him, but in the end, you just can't resist the little guy. His sheer joyful enthusiasm and his amazing virtuosity always wins me over.

There are quite a few Collins Kids videos on YouTube - I recommend you check them all out. You gotta love this first one, "Hoy Hoy Hoy," - I especially love the opening credits for Tex Ritter's Ranch Party.

I like this second one, a performance of "High School Confidential," because it feels very impromptu and gritty. Lorrie really lets loose and Larry's got a great solo where he shows off some wild dance moves.

At first glance, the Collins Kids appear to straddle the line between novelty act and authentic teen garage band. Closer examination tells me they were the real deal - cool American rockabilly kids leading the way, setting the example for how to rock out. We love you Collins Kids!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Buh-nee en Kli-ide

I don't remember how I chanced across this video of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot performing the odd song "Bonnie and Clyde," but I'm very glad I did. It's grade A strangeness straight outta late 1960's France. I'm including it here because it's a cool piece of kitsch in its own right, but also because as a male-female duet it immediately reminded me of "Some Velvet Morning." How do Gainsbourg and Bardot match up against Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra? You be the judge! It's a tough one...

Say what you will about the song's high kitsch and camp quotient, I think the song's droney, jangly instrumentation is really great and sounds pretty damn fresh. I like the simple, patient arrangement too - it allows the melody to steadily dig in and take hold. The result is that, if you're like me, this song will get stuck in your head for an enjoyable week or so. Everywhere you go, "buh-nee en kliiiiiiide.... buh-nee en kliiii-iiiide." Warning: unless your partner appreciates the joke, you'll annoy the hell out of them.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New Product: Retro Oilcloth Apron - Maude

We love oilcloth and over the past few weeks we've gotten new products in. The latest: the Maude retro oilcloth apron in Istanbul and yellow gingham. Yet another stylish addition for your home!