Friday, May 11, 2007

New Stuff

Humans cannot live on retro and kitsch alone, and so here are three chart topping hits from some current, red hot musical groups.

Okay, this first one is from a group that broke up around a year ago. Not so red hot, I guess. Very sad to see Sleater-Kinney go. The video for "Jumpers" isn't really about what the song is about, or at least not directly. I'm not sure I'd know what the song was about if I hadn't by chance read this disturbing article first.

This next one, "Young Folks," by the Swedish group, Peter, Bjorn & John, qualifies as a bona fide indie smash hit tune and whatnot. Talk about your infectious and contagious hooks... this one should be reported to the CDC. Put on your hazmat suit, or better yet, just give in to it.

As far as this last one, "Destroy Everything You Touch" by the British group, Ladytron, goes... I love the densely layered synth action and the ominous, mysterious lyrics. Makes me feel like going out and fighting vampires or doing some international espionage. But hey, that's just me.

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