Monday, June 30, 2008

Fireworks Packaging

Fireworks packaging is a strange and wonderful cul-de-sac of pop culture. Packaging that hasn't changed in many, many decades lives on, beautifully, as you can see in the case of these "Black Cat Flashlight Firecrackers."

My guess is that the graphics for "Defcon Alert" were originally done in the eighties when the Cold War was still raging and the prospect of nuclear annihilation was something everyone enjoyed simulating with 9-shots worth of flaming balls. On the lower left, note the hand about to "push the button."

Now, the 12-shot "Boston Tea Party" strikes the right patriotic tone that we expect for 4th of July. Like the "Defcon," it too shoots flaming balls.

Why did the makers of the 25 shot "Battle of Khe Sanh" choose to name their fireworks after this obscure battle from the Vietnam War? Strange.

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