Sunday, October 9, 2011

Deadly Day 9: The Misfits "Skulls"

The Misfits took the Ramones' trick of taking fairly straight forward rock song arrangements and melodies and then playing them very loud and very distorted. Then they added the additional twist of plugging in over-the-top horror movie inspired lyrics, often with extreme sexual references thrown in just to make sure someone, somewhere got offended. Some of their tunes, like "Hollywood Babylon" even had a little Cramps-like nod to rockabilly.

The corpses all hang
Headless and limp
Bodies with no surprises
And the blood drains down like devils rain
We'll bathe tonight

I want your skulls
I need your skulls
I want your skulls

I need your skulls

Job well done.

After making a couple of records they speeded up and went full on hardcore punk. Then they broke up and lead singer Glenn Danzig went full on metal. Or something like that.

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