Monday, October 24, 2011

Fearful Day 24: Of The Wand And The Rune "My Black Faith"

"You weakened and tore my heart 
You ripped and purged my soul 
You invoked this night without a care 
Initiated the end of love 
All light bends into a hole 
Of utter nothing 
A hopelessness I can not comprehend 
Veils and thrusts and burns and tears" 

Proving that the Danish can get really depressed, Of The Wand And The Rune delivers this musical downer, "My Black Faith." Listening to one of their tunes is like having the serotonin drained out of your brain in less than 3 minutes, by the end leaving you on the edge of complete despair. Pretty effective songwriting, right?

In the org chart of Gothlandia Ltd., Of The Wand And The Rune occupy an extremely esoteric space out in the warehouse where not many visit. Neofolk, the label that gets pinned to this outfit, might not even be considered proper goth, or mainstream goth or anything-goth-at-all, but in a way that makes them true to the "eff you, I'm depressed and I'll do what I want!" spirit that I think goth was originally all about. Yeah? Yeah.

So anyway, you make the call if you so desire - gothic (or gothic-ish) or no?

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