Friday, December 9, 2011

Stocking Stuffers For Under $10

Did you know that ALL-POP sells A LOT of things for under ten bucks - and that a lot of them are great stocking stuffers? You probably did, but we're going to remind you anyway :)

And... this isn't even ALL of them! When you're done here, browse around on the shop some more and you'll find even more hard to find, but always affordable cooliosities.

Things for your house:
Cute red headed pin up girl calls out to you on this magnet.

Amusing examples of paint by numbers kits from days gone by make for great coasters. Check 'em out.

Mil Mascaros, Octagon, Fuerza Guerrera, Perro Aguayo show up in this magnet!

Know someone who can't get enough vintage images of pin up girls? They'll love these coasters.

Stuff for kids:
Cat and Canary Slide Whistle $4.49
It's a delightful inexpensive little slide whistle that makes an extra-amusing bird-ish warbling sound.

Cards and Paper Goods:
Veracruz Card $1.50
Delight the eyes of your friends and family with this beautiful greeting card featuring vintage Mexican travel art.

Hindu Hanuman Postcard $.99
The monkey faced Hindu deity graces this authentic Indian postcard.

Huracan Ramirez Card $1.50
The famous masked Mexican wrestler peers out fiercely on this example of Mexican lucha libre movie poster art.

Acapulco Greeting Card $1.99
A stylish, fun, colorful greeting card that will make you or whoever you give it to imagine they're there.

NyankoLand Memo Pad $3.49
Little nyanko kittens everywhere! The cute factor is off the charts with this sweet little memo pad.

Japanese Desserts Erasers $2
Little erasers in the form of cakes that you can take apart and use to erase things. Too cool.

Japanese Soup Erasers $2
Little erasers in the form of Japanese instant soups. Of course you want them - who doesn't?

Japanese Burger and Fries Erasers $2
Little erasers in the form of All-American burgers and fries. Yum!

Lucha Libre Blue Demon Notebook $3.50
Blue Demon is watching! This is a good thing!

Lucha Libre Postcard $1.50
Mil Mascaros, Octagon, Fuerza Guerrera, Perro Aguayo all pose on this muy macho postcard.

Be Good Elf Soap $8
A festive fun soap in the shape of an elf figurine. Cute!

Be Nice Elf Soap $8
A lavender colored soap in the shape of an elf figurine. Cute too!

Stuff for your car:
Virgin of Guadalupe Dashboard Saint $6
Ride with Mary!

Luchador Mexican Wrestler Keychain $6
There's something so right about a keychain with a luchador on it.

Oilcloth Ditty Bag $9.50
Check out all the different, vibrant, lovely colors we have of this very useful small bag.

Good luck stuff for the new year!
Fortune-Telling Book of Dream Interpretation $9.95
This book will help you interpret dreams and then be able to tell the future. Now, tell me that won't come in handy!

Palmistry Poster $4
The human palm is loaded with mysteries. Discover what they are!

Little Good Luck Cat $6
Cute and lucky this little ceramic cat is (says Yoda).

Glow in the Dark mini Saint Figurines $1.95
Have a friend who needs some small little glow-in-the-dark saints? Of course you do!

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