Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scarrry Day 22: The Horrorpops "Walk Like A Zombie"

 And you want a mountaintop 
 With a little castle 
 And you wanna name our kids 
 Morticia and Fester 
 And all the flowers you bring 
 Are always dead 
 And you howl at the moon 
 But i don't care...

 Very contemporary psychobilly band The Horrorpops deliver this tune "Walk Like A Zombie" - a fun loving rollicking stomper with an oldies feel. They lyrics are the best part for this ol' zombie... reading them over reads like an ode to modern love. The sound is a long ways away from psychobilly founders The Cramps, but the same sensibility is lying there, buried under the ground, reaching a hand up through the earth with a defiant rotted claw bursting through into the dark midnight fog. The sensibility that's always been there in this funny, odd cul de sac of pop culture - an inversion of every day life from the "normal" to the "abnormal," from "light" to "dark," from "happy" to "gloomy," from earnest and upfront to the ironic and to black humor. Same strain of the same pop cultural virus.

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