Friday, October 21, 2011

Terrible Day 21: Antiworld "Horror High"

Well, we're out of the 80s classic goth and death rock scenes of London and Los Angeles and now into the 90s up to the present era. Yes, we know we left out so many great bands from the old days. Specimen, Alien Sex Fiend, Xmal Deutschland, Southern Death Cult, Dead Can Dance, Clan of Xymox... and on and on and on. All great bands every self-respecting goth should learn about and love.

What started as a loose collection of very original sounding bands united in the minds of their adoring black-clad, Halloween-loving fans blossomed into a full on cultural presence, with all sorts of genres and sub-genres, and as a whole unlikely to ever go away. Cybergoth, industrial goth, goth metal, gothicky neofolk, psychobilly, horror punk, dark wave, ethereal darkwave - it all gets kind of absurd - but plenty of great bands to discover.

So many new sounds to hear since the "classic era," but for this post I'm going with an old-school flavored song by an awesome band I discovered for myself on youtube, Antiworld. I guess I'd call it goth punk or horror punk, but really, forget the genre thing. The song rocks, the lyrics and the video is frickin hilarious, and all in all this is a great continuation of the horror-camp strain of raw homegrown rock that stretches back a good 40 years now, maybe longer. Thanks to Antiworld for keeping the tradition alive, or rather, undead.

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